ABCD - Australian Building Codes Board.
ABGR - Australian Building Greenhouse Rating
ABSA - Association of Building Sustainability Assessors
ABPT - Advanced Buildings Technologies and Practices
AGDF - Australian Green Development Forum
AGO - Australian Greenhouse Office
AIE - Australian Institute of Energy
AIFST - Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology
AIVIC - Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre
AMCA - Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors' Association of Australia
AREMA - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia
ARCTICK - National Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Council (NRAC) Certification Program
ARI - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
ASBEC - Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council
ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
ATSE - Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

BPAA - Backflow Prevention Association of Australia

CIBSE Journal - CIBSE Building Services Journal - Online
CTI - Cooling Technology Institute
DIPNA - Dept. of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources (NSW)
DITR - Dept. of Industry, Tourism & Resources

ECOS - Ecos Magazine - CSIRO
Energy Rating - Energy Ratings Australia
Enviromntal Australia - Environment Program of the Australian Environment, Sport and Territories Portfolio
EPANSW - NSW Environment Protection Authority

FairAir - FairAir.com.au - advice for residential air conditioning consumers
FMA - Facility Management Association of Australia
FM Magazine - Facility Management magazine
FPAA - Fire Protection Association Australia

GBCAus - Green Building Council of Australia
Greenhousechallange - Joint voluntary initiative between Government and industry to abate greenhouse gas
Greentie - Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange

HEP - Origin Energy's Home Energy Project
HPC - IEA Heat Pump Centre

IEA - International Energy Agency
IEAust - Engineers Australia
IIAR - International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration
IIR - International Institute of Refrigeration
IORUK - Institute of Refrigeration - UK
IPENZ - Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
IRHACE - Institute of Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (NZ)

NASAozone - NASA Ozone hole watch
NASA GOBAL - NASA Global warming data
NATSPEC - Construction Information Systems Australia
NSW HEALTH - New South Wales Dept. of Health

PCA - Property Council of Australia

RA - Refrigerants Australia
RRA - Refrigerant Reclaim Australia
RWTA - Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia

Standards Australia - Standards Australia
SEDA - Sustainable Energy Development Authority - New South Wales
SBIS - Sustainable Building Information System

TAFENSW - TAFE NSW - Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction and Transport Courses

Worksafe - Workplace Safety Australia
WGBC - World Green Building Council

YOURBUILDING - Your building - Sustainable commercial buildings